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"How Entrepreneurs Turn The Tide On Waterfront Erosion"

Feb. 18th 2015 - ECOncrete®'s solution for practical coastline protection is simply explained in an article by Forbes.

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ECOncrete's Bio-active Tiles Cover Israel's Walls and Fountains

Feb. 2015 - ECOncrete®'s bio-active tiles were chosen to be installed in several terrestrial projects including a bio-active fountain in the new "BIG" complex in Ashdod and the new state comptroller building in Jerusalem, Israel.


ECOncrete Wins ASLA 2014 People's Choice Award

Nov. 23rd 2014 - ECOncrete® Wins The American Society of Landscape Architects 2014 People's Choice Award for "Best New Exhibitor".

LIVING BREAKWATERS Wins 2014 Fuller Challenge

Oct. 23rd 2014 - ECOncrete®  part of SCAPE team's "Living Breakwaters" wins 2014 Fuller Challenge. 

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National Geographic September 2014

September 2014 - ECOncrete®'s technologies discussed in the September 2014 issue of National Geographic.

National Geographic Sep 2014

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ECOncrete in Contractor and Builder magazine

May 2014 - ECOncrete®  reviwed in "Contractor and Builder" Magazine. 

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ECOncrete on the Weather Channel

July 16th 2014 - The Weather Channel publishes a video article about "Living Breakwaters" - Our proposal for the protection of Staten Island, as part of RBD together with Scape team.

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ECOncrete in "Ecology and Environment" magazine

May 2014 - ECOncrete®'s article regarding ecological enhancement of coastal infrastructure is published in "Ecology and Environment" magazine. 

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ECOncrete - Chosen to Protect US Shoreline

June 22nd 2014 - Israeli business paper Globes covers ECOncrete®'s latest achievements.

"הפיתוח הישראלי שנבחר ע"י הבית הלבן להגן על ארה"ב"

globs June 2014 Small

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ECOncrete part of the 8200's EISP Accelerator program

June 9th 2014 -  ECOncrete® wins Israel's 8200 start up of the year.

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Rebuild by Design Winner

June 2nd 2014 - ECOncrete® technologies part of SCAPE TEAM $60M winning solution in the  "Rebuild by Design" Competition.



ECOncrete in "The Marker Magazine"

April 18th 2014, "The Marker Magazine" chooses ECOncrete® as one of the ten most promising Israeli startup companies run by women.

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Epoch Times covers ECOncrete's latest work

April 10th 2014 - The Epoch Times publish an article about ECOncrete®'s latest work in NYC. The article covers ECOncrete®'s designs placed in the Brooklyn Bridge Park as well as the participation in the "Rebuild by design" competition.

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"Rebuild by Design" on NY1

April 3rd 2014 - NY1 covers the "Rebuild by Design" initiative final presentations. ECOncrete® designs and products are included as part of the SCAPE team's Proposal.

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ECOncrete in "Rebuild by Design"

Janurary 2014 - ECOncrete® designs and products were chosen to be included in the "Rebuild by Design" initiative by the Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force and HUD, as part of the SCAPE team.

ECOncrete develops concrete products beneficial to marine life

November 2013,  Concrete TV:  ECOncrete® addresses the need for reducing the ecological footprint of coastal and marine infrastructure by enhancing ecosystem services and elevating biodiversity in urbanized shorelines.

Brooklyn Pier Pilot Project Uses Eco-Friendly Material

August 2013, Genevieve Belmaker, Epoch Times - NEW YORK—The problem of degrading wooden piles that hold up piers throughout the city has a curious potential solution: eco-friendly concrete. An Israeli company, ECOncrete®, has developed and is testing a system of specialty concrete casings that both support the piles and piers, as well as draw in marine life in the naturally occurring habitat.

The Brooklyn Pier Pilot

August 2013 - Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance tells about Econcrete®'s pilot project in Brooklyn Bridge Park's Pier 6.

Pile Encapsulation in Brooklyn Pier

June 2013- ECOncrete® has successfully completed the first installation of its ecological pile encasement at Pier 6, Brooklyn Bridge Park. The project, conducted in collaboration with the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation, is the starting point of a pilot study evaluating the biological and structural performance of ECOncrete®'s innovative technology. Biological monitoring will be conducted by SeArc - Ecological Marine Consulting, and physical inspection of the piles will be conducted by Halcrow engineers.

ECOncrete's Paper Approved for 2013 ICE Conference

June 2013 - ECOncrete®'s new peer reviewed manuscript entitled "pdfEcologically Active Concrete for Coastal and Marine Infrastructure: Innovative Matrices and Designs" has been accepted to the 2013 ICE (Institution of Civil Engineers) conference: Coasts, Marine Structures and Breakwaters 2013 From Sea to Shore - Meeting the Challenges of the Sea 18 - 20 SEPTEMBER 2013 - EDINBURGH, UK.

Women Show Construction Industry How to Rebuild Better, Stronger

November 2012 - ECOncrete® cited by Forbes as one of two companies to play a a part in rebuilding the Tri-State area after the devastation of Sandy.

ECOncrete at Women Entrepreneurship Summit

September 2012 - ECOncrete® was chosen for the 2012 Women Entrepreneurship summit to be held this October in New York City.

A Year After Savannah Ocean Exchange

September 2012 - A year after the Savannah Ocean Exchange at Savannah, Georgia, the ECOncrete® high profile maintained.

"Port docks playing host to marine life" in "Savannah Now, Savannah Morning Use"

"GPA environmental effort moves ahead" at the portal of Georgia Ports Authority

ECOncrete Encouraged by Results in Savannah Port

31 August, 2012 - ECOncrete® engineers who installed a new type of fish-friendly concrete at the Port of Savannah are encouraged by the growth of aquatic plants and animals on panels tested at the Georgia Ports Authority's (GPA) Garden City Terminal.

In February, Shimrit Finkel and Ido Sella of ECOncrete® suspended a series of 30 panels from the docks at Garden City Terminal, featuring different chemical formulations and surface textures.

Article "Ga. Ports continues environmental testing" at "The Coastal Source" website.

ECOncrete at Haifa Military Port

July 2012 - Nearly 40 tons of ECOncrete® ecological armoring units deployed at the Polinom Port in Haifa, Israel.

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ECOncrete at EXPO 2012

May 10, 2012 ECOncrete® represents Israeli ocean-related innovative technologies at the Israeli pavilion in the Expo2012, South Korea.

EXPO 2012 is located in Yeous in South Korea, and the theme of this Exposition is "The Living Ocean and Coast: Diversity of Resources and Sustainable Activities".

ECOncrete and the Future of New-York

August 15, 2011 SeArcs' ECOncrete® designs were chosen to be included in the "Atlas of Possibility for the Future of New York" as a part of Dlandstudio's "By the City/For the City" submission.

ECOncrete One of Ten Winners

August 13, 2011 -  SeArcs' ECOncrete® is one of the ten winning solutions of the Savannah Ocean Exchange 2011.

ECOncrete® is an applicable tool for constructing environmentally active concrete coastal and marine infrastructure. It presents an innovative yet simple solution to the conflict between societal and environmental needs in coastal zones. By manipulating concrete structures at three levels - concrete composition, surface texture and macro-design - we can elevate their ability to provide valuable ecosystem services and improved environmental parameters associated with filter feeding communities.


Savannah Ocean Exchange

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