Bridging development and sustainability

Selected Projects

Ecological Armoring Units for Coastal Defense

 recently launched a large-scale construction project in the new military port of Haifa. In this project ECOncrete® deployed nearly 40 tons of ecological cube-shaped armoring units called Antifers, demonstrating the ability to create bio-diverse habitats in an environment that incorporates massive use of concrete armoring units. The ECOncrete® matrix and the 3D complexity added to the standard armoring units using ECOncrete®'s unique form liners is specifically designed to recruit invertebrate communities and to provide shelter for fish larvae, thus compensating for loss of natural fish habitat in Israeli coastlines.

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ECOncrete® Large Scale Comparative Study

A major research and development effort of the Company is the study of the behavior of ECOncrete® concrete elements in different marine and coastal environments

In winter 2012 a large scale comparative study was launched testing the biological efficiency of five innovative ECOncrete® matrices, in comparison to standard Portland cement. Test stations are located in the Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean along the East coast of the USA, including Savannah, Georgia, NYC harbor, the Great Lakes and the Florida Keys. This geographic spread provides a good cover of tropical to temperate environments. The results of the study will help turn industrialized and urbanized waterfronts into ecologically active marine zones.

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Biologically-Active Concrete Wall

Based on the company's experience in the marine realm, ECOncrete® was appointed to design and fabricate a biologically-active concrete wall at Israel's first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified eco-office tower (Azouri EcoTower, Tel-Aviv). The wall is an integral part of the towers' ecological terrace, designed by Studio Urbanof. This unique bio-active concrete wall is designed to function as an active biological substrate, collecting humidity and nutrient particles from the air, and supporting bacteria, endolithic alga, cyanobacteria, infauna and macro-flora. Due to the special design of the wall's surface texture, the microhabitats formed determine the composition of the flora growing on it.

Enhancing Michmoret's Marina using ECOncrete™ tide pools (2010-2011)

The first application of ECOncrete®'s tide pools was at a project in Michmoret's marina. These tide-pools, integrated into the marina's breakwater, function similarly to natural retaining pools, characterized by stable water conditions with high water circulation. These 3D artificial tide pools, composed of unique concrete matrices with a special surface texture and design, are aimed at enhancing recruitment and growth of intertidal communities. The project was carried out with the assistance of 3rd year biotechnology students from the School of Marine Sciences - Ruppin Academic Center.