Bridging development and sustainability

ECOncrete® Solutions

ECOncrete® addresses the need for reducing the ecological footprint of coastal and marine infrastructure by enhancing ecosystem services and elevating biodiversity in urbanized shorelines.

ECOncrete® has developed a series of innovative concrete products designed for enhancing the biological and ecological value of coastal and marine infrastructure, while increasing their operational life span and stability.

Infrastructure based on ECOncrete® solutions are well suited for the development of natural assemblages. They improve connectivity between natural populations in the area, and support native flora and fauna in their competition with invasive and nuisance species.

Specific innovative concrete matrices are tailored to the biological needs of different marine environments in order to bridge development and sustainability.

ECOncrete® provides high quality concrete products including precast units, concrete additives, forms, and form liners for creating innovative concrete matrices and designs supporting rich and diverse marine life with great environmental value.

Proprietary concrete matrices foster diverse growth of marine animal and plant species, especially ones that form rigid calcium carbonate skeletons that create habitat for marine organisms while also contributing to the structural stability and durability of ECOncrete® elements.


Structural Advantages

ECOncrete® matrices withstand compressive strength of 30-80 MPa with different flexural and tensile strengths, complying with the formal requirements for marine construction.

  • Bioprotection
  • Increased strength and durability
  • Reduced corrosion
  • Absorption of wave energy
  • Longer operational life span
  • Reduce maintenance costs

ECOncrete® units are designed to support biogenic buildup — a calcium carbonate deposition by marine organisms, including oysters, mussels, barnacles and corals, which cover the substrate, add volume and weight, and contribute to its stability.

Biological and Ecological Advantages

ECOncrete® utilizes coastal infrastructure for environmental goals such as enhancing species with conservation value or creating nursing grounds and shelter for different marine organisms.

  • Enhanced ecosystem services
  • Addition of various biological niches
  • Elevated biodiversity
  • Improved water quality
  • Reduced dominance of invasive and nuisance native species
  • High esthetics and attractiveness to visitors

Cost Effectiveness

  • Reduced maintenance costs due to biogenic buildup
  • Compliance with environmental polices, facilitating:
    • Financial incentives (loans, credit, tax)
    • Reduced environmental penalties
    • Advantages in project bids
  • Out-greening and environmental values



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