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Ecological Armoring Units

Armoring units are modular building blocks of marine infrastructure, which provide coastal defense against hydrodynamic forces of sea waves.

ECOncrete® ecological armoring units are designed to create urban marine habitats, which encourage growth of various marine organisms, reduce the influence of invasive species and enhance biodiversity. They are produced by modifying the composition, texture and design of standard armoring units.

A two year study was held to compare ECOncrete®’s ecological armoring units to the industry’s standard. The study showed that the number of specimens as well as biodiversity around the ecological armoring units doubled compared to the regular units. The study also indicated a reduction of the dominance of invasive species on and around the ecological units. (Read full report)

ECOncrete®'s armoring units were placed as part of the construction of a new port of Haifa, Israel and were part of SCAPE TEAM’s $60M winning “Living Breakwaters” project in the Rebuild by Design Competition, an initiative of the President’s Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force.

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