Bridging development and sustainability


By integrating environmentally sensitive technologies into the design and construction of coastal and marine Infrastructure, we are able to harness natural processes for ecological enhancement and reduce the structures’ ecological footprint.


Enhanced Ecosystem Goods & Services:

  • Habitat addition by designed biohabitats
  • Habitat creation by enhanced engineering species
  • Food and shelter for flora and fauna
  • Nursing grounds
  • Biodiversity
  • Species preservation
  • Reduced dominance of invasive and nuisance species
  • Ecosystem health
  • Water quality
  • Aesthetics & Environmental awareness


Reduced Carbon Footprint:

  • 30-46% reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions (compared to Portland based mix)
  • Integration of recycled materials
  • Carbon Sequestration by enhanced floral activity (seagrass/kelps)



Blue Green SS

Micro S