Bridging development and sustainability


Apart from its clear ecological significance, biological enhancement also provides structural and socio-economic benefits. Biogenic growth of organisms like oysters, corals or barnacles, acts as biological glue that strengthens the structure and adds to its stability and longevity. This form of bioprotection can reduce the magnitude/frequency of structural maintenance, which translates into improved ecological stability on one hand (= reduced anthropogenic intervention), and higher ROI on the other (= reduced maintenance costs).


Win-Win Ecology: Bioprotection

  • Stability + Longevity (biogenic growth / biogenic glue effect)
  • Absorption of wave energy
  • Protection from weathering and erosion
  • Reducing chloride penetration
  • Reducing temperature fluctuations
  • Higher tensile strength (biogenic growth - e.g. oysters)
  • Reduced maintenance



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