Bridging development and sustainability


ECOncrete®'s innovative technology consists of proprietary concrete matrices, forms and form-liners designed as components of marine and coastal infrastructure, which induce formation of bio-habitats, while preserving their functional and structural properties. All ECOncrete® mixtures are routinely tested in our laboratories for sand and aggregate, cement and concrete properties following the ASTM and EN standards.

Concrete is known as a poor substrate for biological recruitment, and is considered toxic to many marine organisms, due to its surface chemistry, which impairs the settlement of various marine larvae.

ECOncrete®'s innovative concrete elements incorporate three levels of innovation:

  • Concrete composition - innovative concrete matrices designed to provide desired biological parameters.
  • Surface texture – advanced casting technologies and form-liner design to create surface textures that mimic natural features (rock/coral) and enhance biological recruitment by modifying small scale hydrodynamics.
  • Macro-design – specific designs that target and match biological needs (e.g., nursing grounds, enhancing endangered species, changing the ratio between invasive and native species).

ECOncrete09 Courtesy of Stephen Morton